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The creative look of

Rita Sabler

Rita Sabler is American, and has long and wide-ranging experience in urban sketching; she couldn’t say no to the idea of getting to know Northern Portugal.

Rita Sabler is a visual journalist and teacher in Portland, Oregon, USA. She teaches urban sketching and visual journalism courses at Parsons School of Design and Pacific Northwest College of Art. She works as a freelancer on a variety of illustration and visual reportage projects.

Rita has presented numerous lectures and workshops worldwide, inspiring diverse audiences to cultivate a passion for urban sketching and reportage illustration. Her work has been displayed in local and international exhibitions, individually and as part of a group.

Marvel at the work Rita created during her travels in Portugal.

What surprised you on this trip?

Hospitality, warmth, and humor of the people who were involved in organizing this trip and the Portuguese people I met on the way was the biggest surprise. The fact that Portugal values and promotes the work of artists and writers and trusts that they can showcase the country to promote it in this unique way.

What was the greatest challenge and the greatest reward from this experience?

The greatest challenge for me was to not having enough time to draw and get to know each unique place we visited. The itinerary was very interesting but fast paced. Because of the limited daylight hours, long and elaborate meals, and lots of travel I didn’t always have the time I needed to document the place in a way that felt complete. The greatest reward was the strong connection and affection that we built traveling together as a group, meeting people in villages and towns and sharing my drawings with them, time spent laughing, eating, drawing, singing, and enjoying the beautiful country and its people.

Was there a particular meal that has stuck in your memory?

Yes, the meal at the Posada near Santa Luzia in Viana do Castelo. It was an absolutely magical setting. The quality of light, the surrounding architecture, most delicious, beautifully presented food, the company of amazing artists in the most stunning natural setting.

What was your favourite moment on this trip?

Too many to list. One moment that sticks out for me was drawing granaries in Soajo. The sun was setting quickly, but the last rays of light brought pure magic into this scene.