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The Azores, these volcanic islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, are definitely unique.

In the blue immensity of the Atlantic Ocean, there’s a group of 9 islands called the Azores. Adventure, wilderness, tranquillity, blue waters and a privileged contact with nature – these are just some of the things you will find here.

Jenny Adam went to discover the Azores along with Alexandra Baptista and together they sketched the delights of the Terceira, São Miguel and Pico Islands. The natural beauty, the most remarkable landmarks and the hospitality of the people are clear to see in the drawings of these two sketchers.

Jenny finds it hard to say what impressed her most about the Azores islands. She found a breathtaking landscape, with volcanic craters and lakes in a setting of clouds, amazing skies, and the sea always in sight in the background. They were challenging times for a sketcher. Powerful experiences, the friendliness of the people and good food were among the most striking aspects of the trip.

One of her most curious remarks states: “I had never been to a black beach, let alone a natural swimming pool formed by masses of lava rushing into the ocean. I didn’t know that thermal water can be tinted bright orange, or that a volcano crater can be completely green because its walls are covered in ferns.”

Jenny Adam is a German industrial designer and illustrator who lives in Frankfurt, Germany. Sketching is her favourite design tool and a way of jotting down daily life scenes and events in a notebook.

The warm treatment from many locals made us feel very, very welcome.