Visit Portugal

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Right in the middle of the Atlantic, the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo are a haven of natural beauty.

In Madeira, the Sketch Tour concentrated on the three themes essential for visitors to the archipelago: world heritage, nature, and cuisine.

These are reflected in the drawings by the Urban Sketchers, represented by Ea Ejersbo from Denmark and Ketta Linhares, who is Portuguese.

In memory of a visit from 20 years ago, going back to Madeira was an amazing rediscovery for Ketta. The steep streets, the climbs and descents, the twists and turns that she remembered threw a new light to the sketcher and gave a new meaning to this destination.

The island, which may be a small dot on the world map, became huge before the eyes of Ketta as she was drawing.

She shared with Ea the enchantment with the natural landscapes, with the cuisine that left a smile on her face, with the mystery that lies beyond the ocean and with the kindliness of the people who made her feel part of the Island.

Ketta thought she had preserved the essentials in her notebooks, but, in the end, she found she had sketched all the reasons for coming back one day.

Ketta Linhares was born in Dili, East-Timor, and moved to Portugal as a child. She uses sketch notebooks as if they were experimental labs, where drawing and bits of “useless things” come together to form unique stories.

People are fantastic and so welcoming in Madeira. That really inspired me to draw this place.