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The creative look of

Maru Godas

Catalan artist Maru Godas was fascinated by the magic of the Azores.

Visual artist, illustrator and urban sketcher, Maru Godas founded her own studio, providing design and illustration services for publishers such as Planeta, RBA editors or National Geographic. In 2014 she began her relationship with urban sketching, having given rise to collaborations as an instructor in Urban Sketchers symposia, the edition of the book “Park Güell Journey” and the collaboration on several urban sketching books. She is currently dedicated to painting and illustration, with two books on her way and an exhibition of her paintings.

The Azores have stimulated Godas’s creativity. Come find out how!

What have surprided you on this trip?

Many things have surprised me: I was amazed by the nature of the Azores, I didn't know they were such beautiful islands. I was also surprised by the organization of the trip and the attention and kindness of the entire team.

Tell us something you've seen that you've never seen before.

I had never seen so many natural swimmingpools and such natural diversity of green areas, mountains, beaches, volcanoes, villages... I saw that Azoreans deeply love their islands and enjoy a good quality of life.

If you had to tell a child about your trip, what would you say?

I would say that the Azores are magical islands, where there are all the colors of the universe and that you will find a wonderful and free nature.

If you had to recommend the Azores to friends, what would you say?

The Azores Archipelago has wonderful islands that many are unaware of. Tourism is very respectful of the environment and they are wonderful destinations to enjoy tranquility and encourage personal creativity.