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The creative look of

Marielle Durand

Marielle Durand was born on the cusp of the 1980s in Hergé’s Brussels. Her cosmopolitan soul quickly spurred her on in the search for new horizons.

Marielle studies in Paris and Berlin, places where she learns to observe, analyse, and recreate life and people in her sketch books.

From the top of the Rockefeller Centre in New York, from the hills in Sarajevo, from the middle of a desert in Algeria, or from a building site in Berlin, Marielle likes to introduce her audience to faraway places.

After a serious injury to her right hand in 2015, she started experimenting with her left hand. Since then, she has continued to draw and paint using both hands whenever possible.

Passing on knowledge is part of her work ethic. She regularly holds workshops for budding artists and for more experienced colleagues.

Marielle enjoys the gift of constant amazement at the world’s beauty and tries hard to capture parts of that world and create emotions.

What surprised you on this journey?

It was a feast for the eyes, body, and soul from start to finish. I arrived in Lisbon on the day Sporting football club won the championship and during that whole week the Alentejo seemed imbued with this joy and life that was so intense and had opened up again.

If you had to tell a child about your journey, what would you say?

If you want to travel back in time (at Santa Susana), see dolphins swimming, have breakfast like a prince or princess, walk among Roman ruins, go horse-riding on the beach, go into an old mine, eat the best fish and local dishes, and see storks nesting and flying, go to the Alentejo. You'll be amazed!

What was your favourite moment during this journey?

Cabo Sardão, probably. This rugged coast really is beautiful! It reminded be of the coast of Brittany, with its huge dark cliffs and secluded beaches.

How has this experience changed the way you travel from now on?

The Alentejo is a beautiful place to travel. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to discover it through this great project with Sketchers. I definitely want to return and enjoy these places again.