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The creative look of

Luís Araújo

It is not every day that we are given the opportunity to return to the land where we grew up and are challenged to look at it, perceive it and interpret it in a new way.

Luís Araújo grew up in Madeira and returned to Sketch Tour Reload, accompanied by a creative team whose mission was to show the most beautiful aspects of the island. As Gabriel Garcia Marquez once said, “life is not what you live, but what you tell”, the island that Luís designed during these days will be the one that will be etched forever.

An unapologetic nature, the exotic atmosphere in the air, the seductive aromas of forest, flowers and sea make Madeira a challenge to all the senses.
Follow us and discover Madeira according to Luís Araújo’s pencil.

Tell us something you've seen on this tour that you've never seen before.

The manufacturing process of Madeira Embroidery, from the creation of designs to the final product, including the way in which the design is transferred to the fabric and the diversity of techniques.

If you had to tell a child about your trip, what would you say?

That there is a place where you can find all the colours of the world.

What was your favourite moment of this trip?

The Night Sketch in Funchal at the top of the Hotel and the visit to Museu das Cruzes for my childhood memories.

If you had to recommend Madeira to friends, what would you say?

I would say that there are many islands within the Island - the landscape, climate, colours change every hour of the day and throughout the territory.