Visit Portugal

The creative look of

Ian Fennelly

The more you observe, the more you see and the more you understand. This is Ian Fennelly’s life motto.

Hailing from Britain, Ian Fennelly has always been attracted to the urban environment and he enjoys the hubbub of the city. He paints with quick, broad strokes, but only within the context of a precise drawing that will contain the paint.

He lives near the coast in Hoylake, on The Wirral, and works in a bright studio with sea views. He normally works on several pictures at the same time, which enables him to plan the colours and coordinate different ideas.

When Ian paints, the theme is just the starting point. It’s the battle on paper that really excites him.

Tell us about something you saw that you had never seen before.

I'd never seen the huge oak port barrels before.

If you had to tell a child about your trip, what would you say?

Enjoy every moment. Keep your eyes wide open. Listen to what people have to say. Don't ever take things for granted.

Did you have any preconceived ideas about Porto and how did this experience change them?

I've been to Porto before as I was an instructor at the 2018 symposium so I know how incredible it was. But it was a privilege to rediscover it through the eyes of some wonderful Portugues friends and companions.

If you had to recommend Porto to friends, what would you say?

Just go! you will not be disappointed. It's a visual and cultural feast.