Visit Portugal

The creative look of

Celeste Vaz Ferreira

Author of drawings that tell stories about the life she lives and shares with others.


From an early age, Celeste was encouraged by her grandmother to draw what surrounded her in the firm belief that the world was a magical place.

After a degree in Design and further studies in Architecture, she keeps drawing as a way of celebrating life.

Get to know the Alentejo better following Celeste’s motto.

What surprised you on this journey?

I continue to be surprised by the power of drawing to bring people closer together. That was a constant during this trip. Adults, young people, and children came together, commented on the drawings and shared stories and interesting facts. Those brief conversations will be stored in these records.

Tell us something you saw that you had never seen before.

Garças Island in the River Tagus. An extraordinary late-afternoon vista when thousands of birds flocked to the island's trees and bushes. Magical and unforgettable.

If you had to recommend the Alentejo to friends, what would you say?

I'd say that the Alentejo is unique in terms of its vastness, its landscapes, its white houses, its rhythms, its people, its cuisine, and its starry nights.

How has this experience changed the way you travel from now on?

This was the first time I took a trip with the aim of recording my experiences through drawing. It's a very different experience when you select a destination and make drawings whenever you can. It's a more intense way of travelling, creating memories, and observing what is around us.